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V.R. treatments may provide relief similar to intravenous opioids — a tantalizing prospect for the millions of Americans living with chronic pain.

After an hour-and-a-half bus ride last November, Julia Monterroso arrived at a white Art Deco building in West Hollywood, just opposite a Chanel store and the Ivy, a restaurant famous for its celebrity sightings. Monterroso was there to see Brennan Spiegel, a gastroenterologist and researcher at Cedars-Sinai who runs one of the largest academic medical initiatives studying virtual reality as a health therapy. He started the program in 2015 after the hospital received a million-dollar donation from an investment banker on its board. Spiegel saw Monterroso in his clinic the week before and thought he might be able to help alleviate her symptoms.

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Lincoln Nguyen
Jon Weinberg
Andy Riedel
Dr. James Petros
Chief Medical Officer
Alison Tarwater
Head of Product
Kris Beebe
Physical Therapist
Mayan Shoshani
Software Engineer
Cameron McPherson
Software Engineer
Kirke Giedzinski
Logistics and QA
Devra Sheldon
Physical Therapist

Our Clinical Advisory Board


Howard Schubiner, MD
David Smolins, MD
Robert Johnson DPT
Julie Pilitsis, MD Ph.D
Adam Saby,
Howard Edelman
Erica Pitsch DPT
Adrian Bartoli, MD
Ramo Naidu,
Howard Fields, MD, PhD
Kynan Eng PhD
Ian Cheok
Jeffrey Halbrecht, MD
Steve Wiesner, MD

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