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“Karuna Labs performed the study to measure the effects on patients using its Virtual Embodiment Therapy™ technology, which applies graded Motor Imagery, corrective exercises from physical therapy which focus on performing activities of daily living and real-time position tracking.

The study evaluated 15 patients with chronic shoulder pain and measured range of motion on three planes for each arm: shoulder flexion (arms straight above the head), shoulder scaption (arms out to the sides), and shoulder abduction (arms straight out and away from the body).

‘These study results using our proprietary VR technology have immense implications for rehabilitation in patients suffering from chronic pain,’ said Lincoln Nguyen, Karuna CEO.”

Our Team

Lincoln Nguyen
Jon Weinberg
Andy Riedel
Dr. James Petros
Chief Medical Officer
Alison Tarwater
Head of Product
Kris Beebe
Physical Therapist
Mayan Shoshani
Software Engineer
Cameron McPherson
Software Engineer
Kirke Giedzinski
Logistics and QA
Devra Sheldon
Physical Therapist

Our Clinical Advisory Board


Howard Schubiner, MD
David Smolins, MD
Robert Johnson DPT
Julie Pilitsis, MD Ph.D
Adam Saby,
Howard Edelman
Erica Pitsch DPT
Adrian Bartoli, MD
Ramo Naidu,
Howard Fields, MD, PhD
Kynan Eng PhD
Ian Cheok
Jeffrey Halbrecht, MD
Steve Wiesner, MD

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Main Office

Karuna Labs
424B Treat Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 894-0355
Fax: (888) 215-0754

Research Facilities

Allied Pain & Spine
1604 Blossom Hill Rd #10
San Jose, CA 95124
Remedy Medical Group
490 Post St. #900
San Francisco, CA 94102

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