What doctors have to say

See what providers and chronic pain patients have to say about Virtual Embodiment Training™.

What patients have to say

"The main takeaway is being more aware of the pain and understanding it might be coming from your brain than your actual location that hurts...I am more aware of what could cause pain and how to trick my brain into not focusing on the pain and use alternative thought methods to take away the pain as opposed to taking pain medicine."
—M.C., patient


"What has been interesting is just putting yourself in a setting that isn't yourself, which detaches your thoughts that it is you doing the activities, and so I don't know if that distraction is what it seems easier to do the activities or if its something other than that but that has been interesting me."
—C.P., patient

"This treatment helped me push beyond the boundaries that I have had with my pain. With the VR exercises I could go beyond my former pain area. I have been able to cut my oral pain meds in half. Overall I found it to be a very beneficial experience and I am very thankful."
—J.R., patient


Case Studies 


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Low Back Pain


Lower extremity neuropathic pain

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