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Karuna Labs, Quest, and VR for Chronic Pain: An Interview with Karuna Labs’ COO, Jon Weinberg

“The first thing in any session that a patient does or sees is related to educating them on how chronic pain works. We heard from clinicians all across the board that they see the best outcomes when patients actually know how pain works in their brains and their bodies. They are able to consciously digest the information and move in the right direction. This is endlessly fascinating and really inspiring because sometimes all it takes is a bit of education to get folks on the right path. Sometimes we provide patients with in a flyby experience of the nervous system. Or we’ll show them how pain originates in the body but is really manifested in the brain. We also teach them the differences between acute and chronic pain.

Next, we move on to graded, functional exercises. One thing that distinguishes Karuna Labs’ Virtual Embodiment Training™ from anything else out there is that we’re not just getting patients to participate in physical or occupational therapy using a VR medium, we have actually created a whole new modality. We see doctors that have already purchased VR headsets to do distraction therapy and then at some point, they kind of run out of options for pain management with their patients. Clinicians want a full suite of therapeutic solutions for their patient. That’s what Karuna Labs delivers.”

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Our Purpose

We create immmersive virtual reality technology to treat chronic pain by retraining the brain using virtual embodiment therapy.

Our Mission

To become the first line of defense against chronic pain.

Our Impact

Creating non-invasive, non-pharmacological, evidence-based chronic pain treatments.

Our Team

Lincoln Nguyen

Jon Weinberg
Andy Riedel
Dr. James Petros

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Michael Trujillo

VP of Clinical Affairs

Alison Tarwater
Product Manager
Alec Pierce
Software Engineer

Laura Gonzalez

Software Engineer
Lewey Geselowitz
Software Engineer
Jason Bou Kheir
Software Engineer
Anthony Alvarez

Clinical Research Lead

Kris Beebe

Physical Therapist

Devra Sheldon
Physical Therapist
Cameron McPherson
Software Engineer

Our Clinical Advisory Board

David Smolins, MD
Robert Johnson DPT
Neil Pearson, PT, MSc
Julie Pilitsis, MD Ph.D

Adam Saby,

Ramo Naidu,

Howard Edelman

Erica Pitsch DPT

Adrian Bartoli, MD

Shinzen Young
Zoran Josipovic, PhD
Kynan Eng PhD

Nathaniel Schuster, MD

Howard Fields, MD, PhD

Ian Cheok

Steve Wiesner, MD

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